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Stringing and other ringing software

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Stringing is a program to generate bell ringing changes
on RISC OS (e.g. Acorn) computers.

It has been tested successfully on A440 (with Arm 3 upgrade), A5000, A7000, RiscPC600, StrongArm RiscPC, Iyonix PC and Raspberry Pi* machines. It will also run on a ‘PC’ running Virtual Acorn.

*Raspberry Pi running RISC OS

Stringing offers:

  • Over 150 stored methods, from 3 to 12 bells
  • Other methods can be rung by entering the place notation
    at the keyboard
  • ‘Blue line’ displays with synchronised striking
  • ‘Real’ church bell sound
  • Ringing from the keyboard
  • Ringing a dedicated dumbbell or silenced tower bell [not available
    on the Iyonix or on PCs running Virtual Acorn.]
  • Touches can be:
    • Entered in advance at the keyboard
    • Loaded from file
    • Called ‘live’ at the keyboard
    • Saved to a file for printing

Further information on Stringing can be obtained by downloading the Stringing Manual (520Kb)
or by contacting the author.

Other Ringing Software

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